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Untitled document We created a tool to generate any kind off BB-code or HTML-code data for images.
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CNC machine


These days more and more desigs are done with the help of CAD programs.

The most beautifull part of this is you can have your product milled instantaniously when you want.
I obviously wanted one too, so I searched the internet for some idea's.
I took the best idea's from both sites and tried to build one myself.
Ofcourse some ideas work out great and other less or really bad.

base plate
I started out with a plate of aluminium and welded a tube to it.

base plate
Now the baseplate is finisched, this is a really stable platform.

Making the 90 degree bearing holders.

external rack
The first design I tried to build didn't allow me to remove the tolerance, thats why I adapted my cnc machine to the following frame, this is much more stable and allows me to Adjust the tolerances on the bearings.
This makes the design more precise.

Mounting bearings to the side of the carry.

And now the bolts are attached to the rail, the bearings will be positioned on the bolts.

Both sides of the rails are now build.

It is attached to the rail like this...

Next thing to built was the middle part to connect the rails, I used hollow rectangular profile for this and milled holes in the middle so I could attach the tubes with bolts to the profile.

I attached a U-profile to the rectangle profile, the tube will sit in the U-profile.

When all is attached, it looks like this...