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Untitled document We created a tool to generate any kind off BB-code or HTML-code data for images.
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J2me DIN Calculator for Ski bindings

Untitled document In the past I allways had trouble with setting my ski's ti the right value when on the piste.
And other times friends want to borrow a pair of ski's from you.
Then you need to make the adjustments yourself.
Usually there are tables which you can use to make the calculation for you.

But the problem with these is , they tend to be forgotten or you don't carry them with you when on piste.
One thing most people today do carry with them everywhere is their cell phone.

So thats why I created an midlet which can calculate your DIN settings very fast.

Setting the settings:
On this picture you can see my ski's

The calculates settings have to be set on 2 locations on the ski.
They are usually set with a simple screw driver.
There is an indicator located where you can read out the setting.

I based my program on a table from Salomon:

As you can see this is not very intuitive.

I tried to make a simpler implementation of this table, and my simulated phone with the midlet running is shown here:
On your phone the looks and feels could be a bit different but the most should just be the same.
If you like this application or want to tell me something else, feel free to comment below.


The JAD installation file can be retrieved here
Or The JAR file (contains the actual application) here


The source is licensed under the GPL V2. and could be downloaded here
If you unzip the file it can be imported directly into eclipse as an project.