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C&C flame tank- the devils tongue

This project evolved from the Temple of NOD project.
I thought is was cool to have an autonomous robot which would be defending my Temple of NOD just like in the game.
And what beter vehicle to build then the devils tongue subterrainian flame tank.

Ofcourse all functions must be operational, including the 2 flame throwers and the grinding wheels in front of the tank.

devils tonque artwork
devils tongue artwork picture, thanks to cybergooch







Devils Tongue mechanics:

The chassis of the Flame Tank is made of aluminium, also all the other parts are also made of this. It is a light weight material and is easy to machine.

Two electric motors with gearing will drive the tracks, they are controlled independently. The tracks are made of high quality plastic.

On the front of the tank you will see the grinding wheels. Two electric motors are fitted inside the grinding wheels, this is de most elegant solution to propel them. The grinding wheels can be changed in hight, by using some small electric motors. The grinding wheels are made of aluminium, the sharp spikes are made of stainless steel.

It is equiped with to moving arms, servos are used to bring them in the correct position. Each arm has it's own flame nozzle, they are operated independently. Compressed air flows through the nozzle, it get mixed with the fuel and ignited to create a nice flame. Inside the flame a tank a small compressor and air tank provide sufficient pressure and volume.


Devils tongue electronics:

The tank consist on various controlling parts of electronics all these are stacked upon each other.
Each of them controlling their own parts of the tank.

  • The sheevaplug linux board (1.2 Ghz ARM) this board houses all the high level functions on this board, like a USB bluetooth chip, GPS sensor and 2 webcams.
  • The MCB (Main Controller Board) controlling various servo's, ignitions, compressor, linux board comm, MOT controller, (optional Bluetooth chip)
    This board handles all the main functions for the tank and with this print the tank can autonomously controll the complete tank
  • The MOT (MOTor controller board) This board controlls all the motors through H-bridges, these motors all have feedback sensors so the Board can regulate
    the speed the motors need to operate with.


Main controller board schematic (MCB)


And the pcb

Motor controller board schematic (MOT)
motor controller board schematic

MOT pcb



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