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Lab burndown

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I had an unfortinate accident in my lab a few months ago.
This halted all my running projects and put my focus fully to the reconstruction of my lab.

I had a fire, a LIPO battey cought fire while charging and eploded in the room, (luckely I wasn't there), a lot of smoke , everything black.

I Want to post the whole rebuild of my lab and the enhancement of it.

To my regret I couldn't find any good pictures of my lab, so to give you an idea, what it was:

I holds a large collection of all my tools and all my projects are designed and created in here...
(this picture is before :D)


And this is whats left after the  battery had its way with my stuff.

I have some more impressions right down here:


As you can see, allmost everything is destroyed by the smoke,
some things directly cought fire like the monitor you also can see on the first picture:


To rebuilt my lab I first had to trash all the stuff I had in my LAB (and I can tell you I save A LOT)
it took 3 containers (6m2) to fully clean out my lab from all the stuff I had collected and the room next to my lab.

The advantage of throwing everything away and starting again from scratch is that you can arrange everything to your exact likings.

lab stripped
I threw everything away, even the walls in the middle, the only thing left standing is what you can see on this picture right here.

other side
and the other side...

closed wall
I found a full kitchen left to install in my LAB so I closed off the window and installed some plates to it where the kichen could be attached...

We had to install a new ceiling, and this was needed also, in the background you can I created a flat wall
the idea is to project with a beamer to this wall. (PC games/ps3/movies...)

more of the same

here I have the wooden panels installed, also I installed a fuse box directly in the lab and a power outled (400v).


Here You can see the ceiling finished...
we are finishing it off with plaster to get a smooth surface.

and the back is better visible now, It is about to be painted.
The ceiling was painted allready.

It is getting whiter.

the plastered wall has turned out nicely as I may say so.
It holds 6.5 bags of 25 kg plaster.

And I wanted to install laminate, so I did.

my brother made himself usefull by installing the kitchen.

now it looks like this, the TL light is working now, so we have bright pictures!

and the team of that day who helped me

This is about as far as I could get in a month of work, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with this project.
If I had to do everything by myself, it would have taken much longer to get at this point!

This update dates to 13 november 2008 with some updated photo's of the lab to data.
The major rebuilding has been done and only the smaller things need to be done.

This is a very nice part of the project as I now can buy all the new stuff for my lab , new boxes are deliverd every day now :D

The pc corner
This is the software corner, and CAD designing

mechanised stuff
This is the mechanical corner, still a bit empty

This is the electronics corner with ESD protection

The kitchen...

server corner
The server is placed in the spot above the milling machine

welding corner
The welding corner

WHEEEEEELP everything is burning again

multiple pcs
Nice picture with a game in the background and my screensavers on

Now a few Weeks further in lab things are slowly finding their place again, the central heating is working
and other projects (often lab related) are (re)starting now, like the pinball machine a friend came up with.

finaly at work

things are starting to integrate

the pinball machine

mechanics corner


working area

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