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Untitled document We created a tool to generate any kind off BB-code or HTML-code data for images.
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Laser projector

The laser project was born out of the C&C tiberian sun case mod project .

The case which houses the watercooling is the Obelisk of light .
When you build a case like this one, the items listed in the game has to be reproduced as much as possible offcourse.
First we came with just a simple laser beam which we could project on a target, but then we thought of a project which would be way better then just a simple laser beam, we wanted to project the NOD logo on a target.
Well this complicates things a bit :D

At the same time a good friend of mine Jorn Kommer was in need of a project to finish his school, and he wanted to take part in this project.
Our concept was:

  • Build our own galvanometers to direct the mirrors
  • Build PID controller boards to controll the galvo's with some real speed
  • Build an controller board which controlls the PID controllers and the laser, preferreble this is a Linux board so we can stream images to the laser over IP

The first step in the project was to build some prototype galvanometers.
We came up with a design which resemples the design from an french engineer, but we are adopting our own idea's into this.
I unfortunally lost this site, when I find it again I will post it here.

Currently we are approaching galvo prototype V 2.0 because of a new device I bought for my Lathe.
This is an independent four-claw (perhaps this isn't proper english)

With this device I can drill the holes for my Galvanometer much more accurate then before so the results should be better.

Secondly Jorn desined a Digital PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller this device enables you to move the galvo really fast an though keeping it pretty accurate.

(an Image of the PID controller)

As you can see, the most important bit in a PID controller is the feedback.
This allows the Controller to calculate the error offset betwien the output signal and the required input signal.
And with the help of the P I D actions the job can be done quicker.

The linux Controller board

Currently we are designing a Linux controller board based on a mcf5208 166 mhz freescale processor.
This Board has the following specs:

  • 166 MIPS mcf5208 coldfire processor
  • 5 uarts
  • 10/100 ethernet controller
  • 16 i/o
  • sd-socket
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • 32 MB ram
  • 32 MB flash with jffs2 filesystem
  • 2 D/A 12 bit controllers

We try to make the board as general as possible so we can use it for as much application as we can think of,
If there are people who like our board we might even want to produce a limited batch of these boards.

Currently the flash, ram and ethernet data busses are connected to the processor and now the power supply is being drawn.
We hope we can make the board as small as 10 x 10 cm.

A foto of the current design state of the board, more re-design to come... updated 23 april 2008
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