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Untitled document We created a tool to generate any kind off BB-code or HTML-code data for images.
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Untitled document The Diecyde website has been restyled
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My airbrushes

Untitled document I've created some airbrushes and wanted to show them to you.
little frog
A little frog with some nice gradient shades .

A ladybug looking really 3d like

hot lips
This is one of my first airbrushes, hotlips

rechargeable pinguin
A rewindable pinguin, looking cute

smokey leg
A womans heel stepping on a smoking sigarette.

ubuntu logo
The Ubuntu logo

A sailingboat sailing over the oosterschelde,netherlands

spaceship reentry
A picture of a spaceship which is re-entering a planets orbit.

grandfather portet
And last, a portet of my grandfather.