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PJlink periodic beamer control

PJlink is an open protocol used by beamers.

This protocol allows a user to monitor the status of the beamers (if errors occur and lamp duration)
It is possible to switch inputs with it and the beamer can be put in its standby/online state.

That is what this application does.
There is a simple framework for beamer communication implemented with password protection.
And on top of that a GUI is built which can periodically start the beamer up and shut it down.

The Application is programmed in Java so it should work on any operating system.

When the application has a communication link with the beamer it will display the name of the beamer and the lamp hours within the application.

The Beamer can be controlled directly just by pushing the buttons ... enable projector / disable projector
When the marker "Enable automatic projector ON/OFF" is toggled it will enable the beamer at the time indicated by the drop down boxes left.
Anddisable it at the time indicated by the drop down boxes right.

The application can be downloaded here, it is provided with an bat file for windows use.
Naturally it can also be started with the command java -jar PJlink.jar

The source can be downloaded here, it is released under a GPLv2 license