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Refining aluminium

I wanted to refine my aluminium first to obtain a reasonable quality by mixing good quality together with scrap aluminium.

This is the setup of the system, 6 bricks are used to keep the funace extremely stable.
and 3 heat resistant bricks are used to set the crucible on.

The torch is now on,  the best thing is my IR -thermometer indicates the outside wall doesn't get very hot, this insulation is doing its work.

You can see the hot flames rushing out of the pot, things are getting hot now!.

I don't know what this black stond exactly is,  at the shop I was told it is used to clear the aluminium of any oxide.
When sturred through the aluminium mixture the inpurities will start floating at the top.
This should be scooped off , till you see nice shiny liquid aluminium.

Now I am wrapping the cleaning agent in the aluminum foil so it can be dropped in the crucible.

When working with liquid aluminium: DON'T forget to use you anti brain scanner hat.

Next I mix and stir the liquid aluminium a bit so the impurities start floating.

Then the impurities can be scooped from the liquid.

Then the aluminium can be cast into forms I use : "mom's patented cake cups ;)"
The aluminium starts out shiny but a dull film starts to develop very fast while it cools.

a nice video of the whole proces.

You can see the crucible is kind of hot.

After some pours we have nice refined nuggets which can be used later...