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How to remove U3 garbage from USB stick

If you buy sandisk sticks an annoying non asked for bonus gets delivered with it, namely: the U3 cd drive.
This is an virtual cd drive which gets installed when the usb stick is plugged in.
It holds memory-removing software which gets launched on windows pc's.

As i have linux , I don't have this problem. but the virtual cd-rom still gets installed.
As I was wandering around the internet I read some forums that u3 delivered some software with the sticks to remove their garbage software.
But as with any unwanted trash, it only (should) work on windows, so I booted back to windows to remove the software.

When running their software It creates an error and fails to remove the u3 cd-rom partition.
Now already pretty annoyed because I had to boot back to windows - for nothing.
I searched further and stumbled upon u3-tool This application lets you manage some settings on the sandisk sticks, and also removing the annoying cd-rom.

The steps you need to take are quite simple.
  • first download the source
  • extract to a directory
  • enter "./configure" in your terminal
  • enter "make"
  • enter "sudo make install" to install it to the computer
  • now find out your sticks name ... mine was /dev/sdg
  • enter "u3-tool -p0 /dev/sdg" and reply 'Y' to remove the cd-rom drive
Now you have a clean - usable stick.