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Sand casting tools and first try

I want to make sandcasts and thus I needed some tools to create these casts.

I started by creating some casting molds made from plywood, the casting molds excist out of 2 parts which can be lifted from each other to remove the molded object(s).

The mold is marked so you wont make a mistake, how it is put on.

Next up were 2 small (conical) wooden objects which are easely to remove from the cast.
one is the pour and the other is used as riser.

Now it is time for the first cast, this gear will be casted and will now function als the mold.

I dispense some graphite on the mold so it can be removed easely from the sandcast.

I use this red (oil containing) sand the create the sand mold.

Next the sand needs to be hammered onto the mold till is it rock solid and no more bubbles exist.

This is now rock solid but the rest has to be filled to prevent the sand from falling out when ramming the other side.

The excess had to be removed to leave a flat surface.

like this...

Next the mold needs to be flipped over.

next the top has to be filled, you can see why the riser and pour are used... they are sitting cold on the gear here...

After ramming the other side the casting can be removed again ... now the remove the mold itself.

You can see the riser and pour on this photo.
They will be removed before the pour...

Heating up the furnace...

This is the tricky bit.. removing the mold itself... it can be a bit sticking to the sand....

Now both parts are put back on each other... the can see the graphite and some shape of the gear...

The aluminium is hot now ... so lets get ready....

I have made a movie of another pour... but is it very explanitory...

You can see the sand smoking...

The gear can be seen now.

The black sand has been burned and cannot be used anymore ,,, the rest is still good.

You can see the result here... not quite as sharp as the original ... but you can make out they belong to each other :D