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Smoke generator for C&C temple of NOD

Untitled document I wanted a smoke generator for my temple of NOD casemod so I started out by trying out some possible configurations.
In total I made 3 designs and tested their effectiveness.
My first attempt was a glass tube with resistive wire wrapped around it.

As you can see the glass couldn't tolerate the temperature difference and broke so this was a no go :D
The smoke generation was also not sufficient.

Second attempt was a metal tube with a layer of clay wrapped around it.
then resistive wire and then another layer of clay.

The drill is used to bring up the liquid to evaporate.

This has pretty good quality smoke with the only drawback that the clay gets wet and then breaks.

My third attempt was something more practical.
I took a plate of aluminium sheet with 10mm diameter.
and drilled a few holes in it.

I wanted 2 exit points for the smoke and one point to put the liquid in.

I bolted 2 power resitors with heat conductive paste to this plate.

And here with one mounted and one next to it.

The results were amazingly good.
as can be seen on this youtube movie...

After a few moments this is the result :D

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