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Untitled document We created a tool to generate any kind off BB-code or HTML-code data for images.
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Untitled document The Diecyde website has been restyled
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C&C tiberian sun temple of NOD case mod

elcome fellow tweaker / modders,

This site is dedicated to a large casemod I am currently constructing.

The complete worklog can be found on these forums:

This casemod consists on many different sub items and interesting techniques I wanted to master.
I'll try to go in depth on these techniques because some of them needed some experimenting.

And I hope I can share my results for other people to benefit from.

Updates on this project will be posted in the news section of this site

A picture of the temple of NOD as displayed at T.B.C.L.



this picture is taken on the Dutch T.B.C.L. where this CaseCon was the number one winner!


25 july 2009 - Updated this website, It can take some time before all data of this project has been implemented on this site.