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Aluminium casting tools

I needed some tools to handle the hot aluminium.
First I checked the price of new tools and to be honest those were fairly expensive.
So I decided to make my own.

And My opinion after lots of aluminium casts is that my tools are even better than the professional ones. :D

First I needed a furnace to obtain temperatures of  > 660 degrees celcius to be able to melt aluminium.

I tried to find a metal bucket to use as a furnace.

The bolts are used to hang the bucket in a construction.
The round hole at the top is necessary to allow enough ventilation for the flames.

this is one of the corners for the construction which needs to hold the bucket.

the completed welded frame..

Allways wear eye protection when cutting steel :D, the grinder broke off this blade with lots of force.

This is the bucket hanging in the frame.

And here it is pulled up.

Next part is the special insulation fabric which can resist up to 1400 degrees celcius.
I found the best way to cut this is with sharp knife.

This is the inner dimension of the bucket.

This is special heat resistan morter which makes the fabric stick to the wall of the bucket.

This is how it looks when the insulation is done.

Next what I wanted to make was a plier to be able to lift the crucible when it is red-hot.
This is a small plate which will function as the hindge.

Now it is welded.

next is the holder which needs to grib around the top of the crucible.

This is the finished plier, with the crucible.

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